Bryan Johnson’s Blueprint Protocol


Objective: I am trying to maximally slow the speed of my biological aging. My goal: one year of chronological time passes and my biological age stays the same.  There is no magic pill for this. 
+ 78 organ biological age rejuvenation
+ 200+ science backed protocols
+ 1,000 Peer-reviewed References

Philosophical Principles  

  1. My path here, Hi, I am Bryan Johnson
  2. How I approach problems Zeroth Principle Thinking & solve them My Goal Alignment Problem
  3. Building systems to solve things systematically: My Autonomous Self and I fired myself
  4. Blueprint is born: Project Blueprint
  5. Blueprint + Kernel: Sleep & Impulse Control
  6. Contemplations: A Plan for Humanity
All together: Ashlee Vance: How to Be 18 Years Old Again for Only $2 Million a Year

Blueprint at a glance


  • Chronological age: 46
  • Pace of aging: .69
  • 171 lbs 
  • 9.1% body fat
  • 4.3% bone mass
  • 60.2% body water
  • 21.9 BMI

  • 2250  daily caloric intake
  • Vegan (except for collagen peptides)
  • 16-18 hr daily fast
  • 70+ lbs of veggies/mthly
  • 19% protein, 33% carbs, 48% fat



  • LEVEL 1: Chocolate is good for you. A snickers bar isn’t that bad!
  • LEVEL 2: Any brand advertising “dark chocolate” 
  • LEVEL 3: Un-dutched dark chocolate 
  • LEVEL 4: Un-dutched dark chocolate, tested for heavy metals 
  • LEVEL 5: Un-dutched dark chocolate, tested for heavy metals and from specific regions of the world with the highest polyphenol density


Decision algorithm*
  • What studies have been done on chocolate?
  • Do the chocolate studies meet our statistical thresholds?
  • Should I take chocolate of a certain type and dose based on 1 and 2?
  • How do I personally check that chocolate is safe and effective for me?
*See appendix for more detailed description of decision algorithm

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Medical disclaimer
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Biological age measurements and claims
Any claims regarding the measurement or reversal of biological age are preliminary and can be influenced by various biostatistical errors, including statistical variation, reference range relevancy, and clinical outcome significance. Ongoing, formal peer-reviewed studies are essential for validating these biological age tests for FDA approval (or its international equivalent) and confirming any clinically relevant changes in biological age. The data presented reflect our team's rigorous efforts to adhere to current scientific and biostatistical standards, while formal peer-reviewed validation studies are underway. Please note: These tests are experimental and intended solely for research purposes. They should not replace or supplement any clinical tests recommended by licensed medical professionals."

The protocol presented on this website is based on scientific research, ranging from mouse studies to meta-analyses of randomized controlled trials and international clinical practice guidelines. These have been carefully reviewed for their unique relevance to my personal situation. The protocol encompasses a mix of on-label, off-label, and unlicensed therapies, as well as research-use-only tests. Some of these tests and therapies are still under scientific investigation and have not yet received on-label licensing for specific health conditions. All tests and therapies, regardless of their licensing status, carry risks. These risks have been assessed for my personal use by a specialized team of clinicians and scientists. This protocol represents an experimental clinical research project. Results will be periodically published in peer-reviewed journals, adhering to international quality standards relevant to various types of clinical studies, including case reports, randomised controlled trials, and systematic reviews. Case reports, case series, and systematic reviews are important components of evidence-based medicine, helping inform the design of gold-standard randomised controlled trials and guiding clinical practice.

The use of Prescription only Medicines (PoMs) such as HGH, acarbose, rapamycin, metformin, thyroxine, testosterone, statins, phenylbutyric acid, tadalafil and others discussed in this protocol should not be considered an endorsement or promotion of these products. PoMs should only be prescribed by a licensed doctor who has assessed that the benefits and risks are acceptable for the individual and acquired through licensed pharmacies in a jurisdictionally legal manner. The prescribing doctor should be made aware of all other PoMs being taken and other relevant interventions such as foods, supplements and medical history to enable accurate assessment for safe prescribing and monitoring of combination interventions.

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