Monthly Notes 


July 2023

June 2023

May 2023

New best:
+ VO2 max: 58.7 ml/kg/min, top 1.5% 18 yr olds
+ Leg press single rep max: 800 lbs, top 1-2% 18 yr olds
+ Bench press single rep max 240 lbs, top 10% 18 yr olds
Note: Reference to age 18 is used because that's when single rep max to body weight ratio (bench and leg press) starts declining in men as per ACSM reference range that is attached.

+ Blood glucose 94% ideal range (w/HGH therapy)
+ golfing + bowling fun
+ Updated my brazil nut intake to 1/4 nut/daily bc Selenium (blood) result came in high at 416 ug/L. Ref range is 100-340 ug/L

Exercise: My weekly exercise summary: Moderate: 4 hr 37 min (106-159 bpm) Vigorous: 1 hr 25 min (159 bpm +) Total Moderate + Vigorous: 6 hr 2 min

Blood Glucose: started Human Growth Hormone (HGH) in February 2023 (.6 mg 5x wk) for Thymus rejuvenation (the thymus is a gland in the chest responsible for the immune system). Part of our safety and efficacy monitoring includes measuring blood glucose levels as HGH can negatively affect insulin sensitivity:My blood glucose (BG) levels were 94% in optimal range 70-125 mg/dL. 97% in Mar 2021. Result: no clinically relevant difference of HGH on blood glucose. What I do for routine blood glucose optimization: Metformin SR, Acarbose, Ginger. Cinnamon, Turmeric, Garlic, Zinc, D3, DHEA, + low GI/GL diet + CRON.

IGF-1: For the HGH protocol to rejuvenate the Thymus, we are also monitoring IGF-1 (Insulin like growth factor 1). The objective is to pulse IGF-1 levels to above 150 ng/mL during the course of the therapy.

Results: 63% increase in IGF-1 one month starting .6 mg HGH 5x week.

Historical (ng/mL) data:
Nov '20: 123
Aug '21: 131
Jan '22: 103
Dec '22: 94
Mar '23: 153

Potentially long term ideal range for people age 45+ is 75-150 ng/mL based on clinical outcome epidemiological studies

Every two weeks, I take 13 mg of gastro protected Rapamune (Rx required). Rapamycin is used to prevent organ transplant rejection and has possible anti-aging effects. To personalize dose and measure for safety and efficacy we've measured my Rapamycin blood levels 90 min, 4.1 days and 13 days post administration. Rapamycin was discovered in the bacteria of Rapa Nui island (image). 

Blood Rapamycin levels:
90 min: 26.5 ng/mL
4.1 days: 2.5 ng/mL
13 days: not detected

Previously maintained a weekly Rapamycin dosing protocol of 6mg. 24 hours post blood Rapamycin levels of the 6 mg dose were 3.2 ng/mL.

Blueprint Fun: 
One of the best parts of Blueprint: no aches and pains anywhere in my body allowing me to do just about anything.

April 2023

  • 20 yr bio age equivalent reduction in Free Testosterone Index (FTI)
  • 2 month streak of 100% sleep performance
  • 12 year age reversal in 500 day average HRV
  • Grey hair age reduced from age 70 to 41 in 6 months
  • Short Chain Fatty Acids are suboptimal
  • For the people: NR vs NMN 180 day trial results (they both work)
  • Eye exam results (+ therapy for my dry eye)
  • Started two therapies: HGH for thymus rejuvenation & 17aE2, non feminizing estradiol (Rx), based upon male longevity evidence.
  • 3T MRI scan showed I have perfect liver fat, iron & stiffness.  My liver fat is 1.36%, top 10% of ppl. < 5% is the normal range for non-fatty liver.
  • 40% liver markers improvement (avg sum ALT+AST+GGT = 49)
  • Full notes & FAQ here:

Full Notes:
  • 2 month streak of 100% sleep performance (data via Whoop) 
  • I have low Short Chain Fatty Acids (SCFA) in my microbiome. Baseline measurement was Genova GI Effects panel. We’re trying something to increase. Will report back.
  • One of the most common questions we get: NMN vs NR?  For the people, we tried each for 90 days.  They basically both work to get my intracellular NAD to level age 16 equivalent (my recent levels were 54.6μM). We used TruNiagen NR and Jinfiniti NMN.  Test your NAD levels with Jinfiniti to personalize your NR or NMN dose. “blueprint” saves you 5%).

  • Eye examination results
        20/20 in both eyes
       -1.25 astigmatism in the right eye. Trying to get to zero. 
       -1 astigmatism in left eye
       No short sightedness
        1 dioptre pre-cataracts in each eye. Trying to get to zero.
        Mild dry eye disease. Scored 22 out of 100 in OSDI questionnaire.
        Also have mild meibomian gland dysfunction

  • Eye therapy: started iTear 100 (Rx needed, FDA approved) for dry eye diagnosis. Evidence.
  • Discontinuing all HRV devices for a reset
  • I started HGH therapy for thymus rejuvenation to enhance my immune system. The thymus is a gland in the chest which gets smaller and less effective with age. We will be monitoring my thymus, IGF-1, & heart health to ensure effectiveness & safety. Therapy protocol is Norditropin .6mg daily, 5x/wk.
  • In August 2022, I started 17aE2, non feminizing estradiol (Rx), based upon male longevity evidence. My dosing protocol is 4mg wk, transdermal. Since we started, there’s been no change to serum estrogen or testosterone and no known side effects. We are continuously monitoring organs & systemic aging markers for effect. We may trial higher dose and or a different dosing protocol.
  • Lowered CaAKG dose to 2g daily from 4g. 1g morning/1g noon. I had a slight increase in my resting heart rate. Testing to try and isolate effect. Also discontinued CaAKG for 14 days to get accurate readings of my blood glucose using FreeStyleLibre.
  • 3T MRI scan showed that I have perfect liver fat, iron & stiffness.  My liver fat is 1.36%, top 10% of ppl. < 5% is the normal range for non-fatty liver.

  • My recent test data shows that I achieved a 20 year biological age equivalent reduction on my free testosterone index (FTI). Hormone management is critical for wellness. This update is about male testosterone. Female hormones focus coming soon via Blueprint XX. 
    Caloric restriction is one of most powerful evidence based approaches for increasing lifespan and healthspan. My daily caloric intake is 2000 calories, ~20% less than what is normally recommended for someone my chronological age and activity level. A side effect of caloric restriction is that it lowers testosterone. To counteract that, I’ve been supplementing testosterone transdermally to keep my testosterone in the normal range 700-900 ng/dl.
    For health data geeks, here is my FTI milestone data:
        FTI 0.29 in May 2021
        FTI 0.34 in Sep 2021
        FTI 0.4 in Mar 2023
    FTI is calculated as follows: FTI = (total testosterone level) x 100 / SHBG level

  • I take over 100 pills a day. Some wonder…is my liver ok? My liver is in optimal health and I’ve had a 40% improvement over the past two years. Here’s the data:
      2021 ave sum ALT+AST+GGT = 82
      2023 march avg sum ALT+AST+GGT = 49
      *No...acute states, exercise ALT boosting confounding, sarcopenia, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, B12 deficiency
  • Grey hair age reduced from age 70 to 41 in 6 months. We’re trialing a few things including concoctions we’ve made. Will release once they’re ready.
  • 12 year age reversal in 500 day average HRV (publication)

April FAQs
Is cold therapy part of the protocol? 
  • We don’t currently have a cold therapy protocol as part of Blueprint, not because there aren’t potential benefits, but because we haven’t been able to identify evidence that supports our objective of reducing biological aging for me. 

Is a sauna part of your protocol? 
  • We don’t currently have a sauna protocol as part of Blueprint, not because there aren’t potential benefits, but because we haven’t been able to identify evidence that supports our objective of reducing biological aging for me. 

Do you get sun exposure?
  • Yes, a little bit but never too much.  A little bit can increase dopamine and nitric oxide but too much will cause skin aging which then needs to be reversed. What is a little and too much you ask? One approach would be to determine that based upon your skin biological age testing and sun burns. In short, there isn’t an easy answer. 

Hyperbaric Oxygen Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)
  • We completed a fairly extensive literature search and concluded there is supporting evidence for its usage for acute therapies but there was insufficient evidence to use it for our objective of biological aging. The evidence for telomere elongation and senescent cells didn’t cross our thresholds to implement into our protocol.  

MARCH 2023

It’s been a minute! Here’s an update of what we’ve been up to:
  • Shared a video summary of the blueprint protocol
  • Started CaAKG, 4 grams daily (2g morning/2g at noon)
  • Started Genistein, 300mg daily (150mg morning/150mg at noon)
  • Started Project Baby Face to restore fat volume loss due to caloric restriction. Details of protocol and before/after will be shared.
  • Fermented foods - added 15 grams daily
  • Experimenting making nut milk kefir to experiment
  • Lung therapy protocol finished. Measurement in April
  • Switched to NMN for 90 days to compare with NR. Will share results soon. 
  • Started iTear100 for my dry eye that was discovered in completing our vision biomarker measurement protocol

January/February 2022

Been on Blueprint for 9 months now. A quick glance at a few markers:

A snapshot of other activities

CapsoCam details:
I swallowed this pill, the size of a baby carrot, after fasting for 24 hours. Then took laxatives for 6 hours. It reemerged 10 hours and 38 minutes later, having taken 33,537 images of my intestinal tract.

Main things we were looking for: lymphoma, Crohn’s ulcerations, small bowel cancer, diverticula, and polyps. Nothing found. Most common small bowel changes with age are motility, peristalsis reduction, dysphagia and enteric neuropathy.

Advantages of small bowel pillcams include screening and baseline results for n=1 study.

Exploring the future of being human:
My primary objective with Blueprint is to explore the future of being human. Food, supplements, sleep and exercise are necessary for life, however not the primary motivators for most.  Blueprint has automated these basics so that I can reallocate my attention to a new horizon of human exploration.  For example, I no longer have to deal with the complicated decision making about what to eat. My body - through all the measurements I do - tells me what it needs. I also no longer deal with the emotional turbulence that accompanied my binge eating, second servings, and endless rationalizations for bad eating behavior. What a relief that’s been.

Here is one way to think about why building these systems are useful—questions I’ve contemplated for myself and others:

If you felt energized instead of lethargic, what would you dream of?

If your body didn’t have debilitating aches and pains, what would you be doing?

If you weren’t battling depression, what might life feel like?

If you weren’t in cognitive decline, how would you use your mind?
You get the point. When the basics are solved, each of us can level up. John Adams argued eloquently about this at a larger scale, noting that entire generations sometimes do the tough work to free up future generations:

I must study politics and war, that our sons may have liberty to study mathematics and philosophy.  Our sons ought to study mathematics and philosophy, geography, natural history and naval architecture, navigation, commerce and agriculture in order to give their children a right to study painting, poetry, music, architecture, statuary, tapestry and porcelain.”

With some personal momentum around my Blueprint regimen for food, exercise and sleep, I’ve recently turned my attention to the psychological, spiritual and imaginative aspects of this exploration. This picture was taken last weekend with some friends. The attire was unusual for me, but wearing it in public provoked my brain. Alerting me to the invisible borders of social norms. Norms standardize, which is helpful; but they also straightjacket.

  1. Biological age shows if you are at lower or higher risk for something versus a healthy person of the same chronological age (ref). A more detailed explanation: biological age describes the difference between a healthy population’s average score for each chronological age and an individual’s score. Specific markers that are highly correlated with clinical outcomes, and which meet specific biological age marker checklist quality criteria must be selected, and can be combined, to create valid biological age results. The more individual biological age markers that are combined, the more accurately you can predict health, rejuvenation and lifespan. Read more about Blueprint’s 15 Criteria for Biological Age Determination.
  2. NAD increased from 26 umol/L to 36 umol/L. Dosing, based upon measurement, with nicotinamide riboside (NR).
  3. Heart input includes only Max Heart Rate (improved from 169 bpm to 183 bpm). We’ve only done one echocardiogram. Need two before adding age scores.
  4. White Blood Cell Age includes EPI TOC methylation marker, principal component analysis predicted telomere length methylation marker, QFISH median and 20th centile PBMC telomere length, with additional markers to improve this model ongoing.
  5. HRV raised from 37 to 54 (Whoop 7 day average rMSSD deep sleep 5 min HRV)
  6. Our skin biological age calculations include a full-body, 60+ point measurement system using Merz, Visia, and autofluorescence imaging. The April 2021 biological age score is an approximation because the full suite of measurements were not yet completed.
  7. Oral health, gums:
    • No bleeding, even w/ robust probing. My dentist comments that I have the gums of a teenager.  
    • Recession - improved from .28 mm to .20 mm, age reduction 40 to 35
  8. Epigenetic biological aging, wrote up an explanation: An epigenetic age reduction world record? 
  9. DunedinPoAm is an epigenetic marker that measures the pace of aging. A new marker from 2020 and is still in the clinical validation phase. Is a high standard deviation marker. Similar to hsCRP (inflammation), DunedinPaAM is a multi-system marker and better used in combination with others.
  10. Inflammation marker: hsCRP (.80 to .18 mg/dL, age 10. 80% reduction). hsCRP is a multi-system marker, which we normally do not use by itself as a biological age marker. Using here for the simplicity of conveyance. Read more how we determine biological age markers.
  11. Fitness scores are listed out in monthly notes. 
  12. Hearing - normal and high frequencies were tested of the inner ear.
  13. Kidney. We only have one kidney ultrasound measurement so this number is tentative. Best to always have at least two measurements.
  14. Images captured on CapsoCam Small Bowel Pillcam.

December 2021

117 new age reduction points
Total 1,216

NEW! A Blueprint Basics guide that includes:
    1. Philosophical Principles
    2. Blueprint at a glance
    3. Current Results
       a. Biomarker Stats
       b. Fitness Scores
       c. Latest Photos
    4. Current Routine
       a. Daily Schedule
       b. Diet
       c. Supplements

Blueprint progress at a glance
. 2,150 calories/day
    + 19% protein, 33% carbs, 48% fat
    + Vegan
    + ~16 hour daily fast
    + 70+lbs of vegetables monthly

. Biomarkers (all optimal)
    + IGF-1 131 ng/mL
    + Testosterone 650.8 ng/dL
    + Free testosterone index (total t/SHBG) SHGB improved to .34 (See Footnote) [1].
    + C-Reactive Protein (CRP) 0.18 mg/L (basically no detectable inflammation in my body)
    + Cholesterol
       + Total 128 mg/dL
       + HDL 63 mg/dL
       + LDL 52 mg/dL
    + Liver markers
       + GGT 13 IU/L
       + ALT 34 IU/L
       + ALP 95 IU/L
       + AST 35 IU/L
    + Blood Glucose levels are perfect. Resting steadily at 90 mg/dL, 24hrs/7 days.

. Fitness scores (ref: ACSM). Currently scoring as equivalent to top 10% of 18 year olds in the following:
    + Bench press single rep max, 235lbs.
    + VO2 max  53.6 mL/(kg·min)
    + Leg press, single rep max. 780 lbs
    + Push ups, continuous, 60
    + YMCA sit and reach, 26.5 inches. Equivalent to age 18.
    + Grip strength (dominant hand) 60 kg, above the age related peak that occurs in men at age 32.5 (Jamar Dynamometer Corporation reference data)

When I Grow Younger, I’d like to be…
  • ID’d
  • asked if I need a note for being late

Fun Stuff
My 16 yr old eats Super Veggie for lunch at school. His friends now refer to it as “Green paste” and “Sludge”. His friend offering his observations 😂

. Heart age/health (Mobilograph)
- Resting bilateral triple brachial systolic, diastolic and pulse pressure are at 114, 76 and 37 mmHg, equal to age 25 and 33 (max reduction equivalent)
- Resting bilateral triple central systolic and pulse pressure are at 102 and and 24 mmHg at age 25 and age 40 (marker reduction can’t go lower than age 40, therefore max reduction equivalent)
- Resting bilateral triple central brachial pulse pressure amplification ratio at 1.6, with max reduction at age 25
- Resting bilateral triple augmentation index and pressure at 2.8% and 2.3 mmHg both at age 20 max reduction gender matched equivalent

Ultrasound measurements
- Using ultrasound to evaluate potential vein damage from serial blood draws. No damage found.  Bilateral antecubitcal fossae (ACF) venous ultrasound was performed to identify potential venous wall or valve pathology related to serial blood draws of the ACF veins, with no pathology identified, suggesting further draws at this site are safe.

- MRI cancer screening. Nothing suspicious was identified. Head to lower sacral non-contrast 3T T1, T2 and DWI were performed (with some regions missed for DWI), with additional FLAIR on the head region, HASTE on abdominal region and sagittal STIR on C1 to S2 were performed for cancer screening with no suspicious, potentially suspicious or likert ⅗ or greater lesions identified

Eye measurements
- Sub-foveal choroidal thickness on enhanced depth imaging spectral domain optical coherence tomography (sfCT EDI-SD-OCT) was acquired showing 332 microns and 400 microns respectively; however, future 3D choroidal quantification methods we will perform will have lower standard deviation and higher biological age resolution (3D image of my eye)

Skin measurements
- Autofluorescence with new high accuracy protocol, excluding confounding factors this time round, triple ventral forearm measures scoring at 2 AU and age 49 equivalent, down from age 91

Sensory nervous system measurements
- Right plantar 2 point discrimination of 1.5 cm coming in at age 30 equivalent

[1] An older free testosterone index (FTI) is indicative of caloric restriction optimal nutrition (CRON) being deployed effectively; in the context of CRON the FTI is not representative of a high accuracy biological age marker of the testes, but rather to validate that CRON is being induced but not to such an extent that FTI is going too low and too old equivalent; typically a FTI of 40 - 60 represents this. FTI or total T below the normal range is likely unhealthy, and given CRON’s mechanism of action may partially act via lowering total T and FTI, it can be thought that T above the normal range for young men (or even upper quin/quartiles) could be suboptimal for longevity. Note that NIA mouse lifespan studies have shown male mice given oestrogen show reliable mean and maximum healthspan and lifespan extension and that the human male to female centenarian ratio can be as low as 1 to 10, theoretically partially mediated by the accelerated aging effect of higher testosterone to estrogen ratios, and higher absolute T and FTI.


Monthly stats as of Nov 30th
165.2 lbs (90% lean mass)
5.7% body fat
4.3% bone mass
60.9% body water
22.3 BMI
2,150 ave daily caloric intake

Total new age reduction points: 332
Total: 1099


Ultrasound measurements are now in. A modality of high resolution pre-aging-diseases tests, which are being integrated with other such tests of different modalities (devices, biofluids).  See Pyramid of aging markers below to understand why imaging based measurement is a positive step forward for Blueprint.

Carotid arteries
  • Pressure strain elastic modulus (PSEM) of the right and left common carotid arteries (RCCA and LCCA) elasticity scoring at 4.51 Pascal units age 26 equivalent and 2.82 Pascal units age 18 equivalent respectively (ref)
  • Common carotid average intima media thicknesses age 32 equivalent, at 0.47 mm thickness, although there is little change between age 18 and age 32 (only 0.03 mm) (ref)
  • No plaque or atherosclerosis. Details: total plaque area across 6 carotid artery branches of 0 cm^2, showing no significant atherosclerosis; with plaque being defined as any thickening of the intima media beyond 1 mm.
  • Internal carotid artery maximum intima media thicknesses age 25 equivalent, as low as is possible to score, at 0.51 and 0.45 mm (ref)

Heart quantitative aging echocardiogram

  • Left ventricle
    • Intraventricular relaxation time (IVRT) of 50.6 ms scored at age 19 average (ref)
    • E/A pulsed wave doppler in the mitral valve of 1.67 score (dimensionless) coming in at age 28, with the E component at 0.96 m/s of age 15 average for healthy caucasian men (This is a measure of how well blood is flowing through the mitral valve) (ref)
    • Tissue doppler showed septal LV E’ (e prime) mitral annulus speed of 11.12 cm/s at age 24 average (ref) (This is a measure of how well the left ventricle septum is contracting back and forth)

Mitral valve pulsed wave doppler still taken during echocardiogram. Clearly shows the four chambers of the heart and the blood flow toward and away from the transducer, red and blue colors respectively.

  • Zero cysts, zero parenchymal thickness abnormalities (i.e. irregular or thinning) present in the kidneys 
  • Renal interlobar arteries resistive index (RRI) coming in at 0.46 (right kidney) and 0.49 (left kidney), equal to age 25 of a newly diagnosed essential hypertensive, but otherwise average, western population (ref) (non-hypertensive population data currently not available)

  • Thyroid volume (increases with age) coming in at age 23 equivalent at 20.9 milliliters (ref)

  • Prostate volume (increases with age) coming in at age 30 equivalent for a Westerner at 19.14 milliliters (ref)

Frailty index
  • 0.0326 - equivalent to age 20 (ref)
  • FI-46 specific cut points derived from Blodgett 2014

More ultrasound results will be posted in the coming weeks as they’re still being calculated.

Oral health results
  • My dentist reports “you have the gums of a healthy teenager”
  • Improved plaque index to 63.6% (tracked plaque in mouth post brushing to asses how to improving brushing technique)
  • Filled the one remaining 4 mm pocket on #11.
  • Continued to work on oral rejuvenation, completing another procedure. Procedure notes:
    • Measured plaque index via plaque disclosing tablets, had scaling done
    • My most recessed gums were separated from the bone
    • Under topical and injected anesthetic had 40 mL of blood drawn and separated into PRF (platelet rich fibrin) and PRP (platelet rich plasma):
      • Half the PRF was mixed with human bone (70% cancellous 30% cortical) and emdogain and placed into the gum pockets
      • Half the PRF was mixed with collagen to make membranes that were placed over the gum pockets
      • Anti-pathogen LASER was done for 5-8 minutes per site for sterility and to further enhance wound response
      • Periacryl was placed over the top of the membranes to keep things in place
      • The PRP was then injected into the gums

Cognitive function
  • ETS letter sets and RAVENS progressive matrices are now down below my chronological age, with ETS at age 27 average

Blood Glucose levels are perfect. Resting steadily around 90 mg/dL over 24hrs/7 days.

In need of some love

Echo measurement of the Left ventricle A’ Mitral Annulus TDI measured at age 91. Will re-measure.

Up Next
  • Autofluorescence
  • VISIA Skin Analysis
  • Skin quantification: we are researching and starting to implement skin rejuvenation interventions using devices and custom formulations. Building a layered measurement protocol to track progress including:
    • A) Resolution imaging (Sony a7riv 61 megapixel w/ 85 mm Sigma lens)
    • B) Biopsy (without scarring, researching .33mm micro-biopsy)
    • C) Multi-point positioning images with overlays to capture UV damage, age spots, and wrinkles.

Completed a routine comprehensive hetrosexual male sexual health panel:
  • Urine Chlamydia
  • Urine Gonorrhea
  • Hepatitis B [blood]
    • HepB core antibody, surface antibody, and surface antigen
  • Hepatitis C [blood]
  • Herpes Simplex Virus I (Typically Oral Herpes)
  • Herpes Simplex Virus II (Typically Genital Herpes)
  • Oral Human Papilloma Virus (HPV)
    • PCR HPV 20 subtypes
  • HIV 1 [blood]
  • HIV 2 [blood]
  • RPR Syphilis [blood]
  • Also have the Gardasil 9 HPV vaccine

Changes and Additions
  • Reducing caloric intake to 2,150 from 2,250. Noteworthy as 3,000 calories would be the general recommendation for my age and activity level.
  • New workout protocol started Dec. 1. Detailed at the end of Nov notes.
  • Wallpapered the gym to create a forest environment, which makes me feel immensely happy. (ref)

Fun Fact
Am eating 50+lbs of vegetables monthly. This only includes two of the three meals which I eat daily, Super Veggie and Nutty Pudding. The third meal is also vegetables of various sorts that change weekly, but not included in these numbers you see here.

This is breakfast (Super Veggie)

The quest for ever better markers

Pyramid of aging markers (levels)..
  • 1: Symptoms: waiting for an aging disease to become symptomatic before it is recognised
  • 2: Screening tests: waiting for an aging disease to occur before it is detected
  • 3: Low resolution pre-aging-disease tests: waiting for advanced stages of pre-disease to occur before it is recognised
  • 4: High resolution pre-aging-disease tests: waiting for only a small amount of pre-disease to occur before it is recognised
  • 5: Integration of multiple high-resolution pre-disease tests in complex ways: provides additional prognostic, pattern matching and clinically actionable therapeutic strategic insight beyond categories 1 - 4   

New workout protocol (Dec. 1)
Designed by Jefferson Johnson.

Monday A:
A: Sled ROKP x 5 min
B: Poliquin Step-Ups, 5 x 20
C1: Dead Squats, 10 x 10
C2: SL Back Extension, 5 x 10, then Eccentric Nordics, 5 x 5

Monday B:
A: Sled ROKP x 5 min
B: Poliquin Step-Ups, 5 x 20
C1: Reverse Nordics, 5 x 5
C2: Eccentric Nordics, 5 x 5
D: SL Back Extension, 5 x 10

A: Sled Push-Pull x 100 yards
B1: Incline DB Press or Dip, 10 x 10
B2: Incline DB Row or Chin-Up, 10 x 10
HIIT 15 min

A: Sled ROKP x 5 min
B: Standing Leg Lifts, 3 x 10
C: Loaded Butterflies, 3 x 10
D: QL Flexion, 3 x 10
Stretch! Wherever you need the most work.

A: Heavy Sled Drive x 100 yards
B: ATG Split Squats, 10 x 5
C1: Rounded Back Extensions, 5 x 20
C2: Jefferson Curls, 5 x 5
C3: L-Sits or Garhammer Raises, 5 x 10
HIIT 15 min

A: Sled ROKP x 5 min
B: External Rotation, 5 x 5
C: Powell Raise, 5 x 5
D1: Cross Bench Pullover, 5 x 10
D2: Trap-3 Raise, 5 x 5
E: Shrugs, 5 x 10

A: Sled Push-Pull x 100 yards
B1: IsoTib Raises, 4 x 25
B2: Seated Calf Raises, 4 x 25
C: IsoTib Ankle Rotations, 3 x 60 seconds
D: Straight Leg Calf Raises, 5 x 15
Stretch! Wherever you need the most work.
HIIT 15 min

Stretch! Wherever you need the most work.

90/90 External Rotation Stretch x 3 min
Posterior Hip Capsule Stretch x 3 min
90/90 Internal Rotation Stretch x 3 min
Hip Swivels x 1 min
Ankle Inversion Stretch x 2 min
Plantar Fascia Stretch x 2 min
Tib Stretch x 2 min
Gastroc Stretch x 2 min
Soleus Stretch x 2 min
Slant Jefferson Stretch (flex tib and quad) x 2 min
Elephant Walk (flex quad) x 60
Couch Stretch x 2 min
Hip Flexor Stretch x 2 min
Standing Pancake x 2 min


A Blueprint workout (Mondays).
Architected by Jefferson Johnson
(rim is 9’6”)

Spoke at the same conference four years apart (“Things That Will Blow Your Mind” 2017 and 2021 Milken Global Conference) #Blueprint


75 new age reduction points! Total score now 768.

New maxHR of 183 bpm, = to age 37, 5% improvement in 90 days. 8% increase (from 169 bpm) in 12 months (originally age 60). 23 year age reduction to date. Exciting because we couldn’t get maxHR to budge for over 12 months. Neither could we find any research showing  maxHR increase was possible. Measured w/ Polar H10

Improved HRV by 2%, 55 from 54 (Whoop 7 day average rMSSD deep sleep 5 min HRV)

Waist circumference measurement 82.8 cm, average for a 25 year old (maximum age reduction)

BIA scale body fat% 21-23 ave BMI, = to age 16 (max reduction)

Oral dashboard

Gingival index and calculus index scoring 0, the lowest possible; having the same level of calculus and gum inflammation as a 17 year old.

Lung test results

DLCO at age 38.5 equivalent, a measure of the ability of the lungs air sacs, alveoli, to pass oxygen into the red blood cells in the lung capillaries

Diaphragm: Maximum inspiratory and expiratory pressure scored at 155 and 117 cmH2O respectively, = to age 20 (maximum possible reduction) for both markers. These measure the strength of the double-domed diaphragm muscle below the lungs, with my diaphragm showing no signs of weakening with chronological age.

My PWV of 5.7, ranks in 10% <30, top 5% of 45+.

Blood urea nitrogen, a measure of protein intake and kidney function, was lowered to 13 mg/dL, deeper into the optimal range for all cause mortality and scoring age 21 equivalent.

Whole body Biological Age Merz Score reduced from age 36 to 34 since September 2021, potentially due to better lighting on photos and not yet from a direct benefit of skin interventions.

In need of some love

  • Plaque index raised, possibly related to the plateauing of probing depth gains in the last 2 months.
  • A new Toxic Metals (urine) test was completed and resubmitted for analysis to confirm reduction in Palladium levels (See Sept notes for more details).

Changes and Additions

  • Unchanged from September

Daily protocol

  • (experimenting with) LED therapy: for skin rejuvenation and HRV, 3x a week on mixed red, near-infrared and blue LED mode during mediation for 15-30 minutes



  • My dad incorporated my protocol with exactitude and lost 25lbs in three months. He feels as spry as I ever remember him being. He remarked, “Removing me from myself has been the best thing I’ve done in decades.”
  • 228 new age reversal points scored. 507 total.
  • My body has near undetectable levels of inflammation, C-Reactive Protein <.15 mg/L
  • Blood pressure perfect, averaging 102/61
  • Body fat increased from 3.5% to 6% due to transitioning to three meals a day (10-16 hour fast), from one meal a day (~22 hr fast).  One meal a day was convenient for my work schedule, but made my body fat too low. Also feel increased energy with this modification. No adverse effects to sleep.

  • Went to the gym and did a bunch of age assessments:
    • New VO2 max record of 53.6 mL/(kg·min). Equivalent to the top 25% of 18 year olds. (ref: ACSM)
    • New max HR, increased from 174 to 176. Even though only a 1.2% increase, significant as we have yet to find any evidence of how to increase maxHR.
    • Bench press single rep max, 235lbs. Equivalent to top 10% of 18 year olds (ref: ACSM)
    • Leg press, single rep max. 780 lbs. Equivalent to the top 10% of 18 year olds. (ref: ACSM)
    • Push ups, continuous, 60. Equivalent to age 18, top 10% of 18 year olds. (ref: ACSM)
    • YMCA sit and reach, 26.5 inches. Equivalent to age 18. (ref: ACSM)
    • Grip strength (dominant hand) 60 kg, above the age related peak that occurs in men at age 32.5 (Jamar Dynamometer Corporation reference data)

  • Intracellular NAD age marker, putting me at age 24, down from age 36. (Personal conversation with Jinfiniti)
    • Initial measurement: 25.9 uM on 7/5. Target 36uM.
    • Increased daily Nicotinamide Riboside (NR) to 500mg from 250mg on 7/11
    • 30.6 uM on 8/18 (age 24)
    • Further increased NR to 750mg daily on 9/5
    • Next measurement 10/1
  • Blood test results from August (using BD 23g butterfly)
    • Improvement of Free testosterone index (total t/SHBG)SHGB improved to .34 (equivalent to age 48). July measured .29 (equal to age 59). (ref: PubMed)
    • Ferritin up 14% to 22 ug/dL. Desired 30-60 ug/dL
    • Toxic Metal Palladium measured 37 ug/g, 100x recommended levels. Yikes! (See Need Some Love for details)
    • Aldosterone (morning, seated) levels improved from 18 to 10.9 ng/dL.
    • Vit C serum level 1.5 mg/dL (optimal range for all cause mortality)
    • Vit K dcp .3 ng/mL (optimal range for clinical outcomes)
    • CoQ10 1.23 ug/mL (optimal range)
    • Beta carotene 118 mg/dL above reference range
    • IGF-1 of 131 ng/mL (optimal range)
    • DHEA-S raised from 308 to 353 ug/dL, reducing DHEA-S adrenal gland surrogate hormonal marker biological age from 31 to 27 
    • LDL of 52 mg/dL
    • Red blood cell (RBC) DHA Omega 3 below reference range to reduce RBC peroxidisability index (as DHA is a hexuple unsaturated fatty acid (a polyunsaturated fatty acid with 6 double bonds, i.e. highly prone to oxidising) and has been linked to accelerated aging in wild type mouse lifespan studies when mice are on calorie restriction optimal nutrition (CRON))
    • ALA Omega 3 above reference range, as a ‘safer’ less oxidisable omega 3 membrane lipid
  • Pulse-wave Velocity (PWV) decreased from 6.2 to 5.7, equivalent to age 30, as low as the biological age reference range goes.
  • Whoop 14 day average rMSSD deep sleep 5 min HRV at new record high, 54 ms, up from 37 ms in February, equivalent to reducing sympathetic nervous system vagal nerve tone biomarker biological age from 54 to 39.6
  • Gum recession, a marker that is often thought to be hard to reverse without ‘pinhole technique’ surgery - has dropped from 0.28 mm (28 tooth, 6 site per tooth mean average), to 0.2 mm in 120 days, from age 39 to 35, around 1 year drop per month, through non-surgical interventions. (For 20 years, had non-diagnosed and then improperly treated bruxism.)
  • Gum pocket depth (also mean average of 6 sites on each of 28 teeth) has dropped from 2.7 mm to 2.1 mm in a similar time through non surgical interventions, from age 79 to age 61 equivalent based on one reference dataset. We are still searching for the most appropriate reference biological age dataset for pocket depth, however what is clear is that further away from 3 mm mean pocket depth is representative of a healthier mouth (ref: Mayo Clinic).

In need of some love

  • My recent Toxic Metals (urine) test revealed my Palladium (Pd) levels were 37 ug/g, when the recommended reference range was < 0.3, making my levels 100x what was considered to be safe.

  • We identified the source of Palladium, coming from a crown placed a few months ago. It was removed and replaced with Zirconia. My moderate eye irritation, a symptom of Palladium toxicity, for which we could not identify a source, disappeared after the removal. Here is the materials data on the gold crown that was leaching Palladium into my body.
  • August Skin Autofluorescence measurements, showing my hand age to be equivalent to 84 were flawed due to misunderstanding measurement guidelines. (sigh of relief). Will remeasure in the coming months. (reference paper)

Changes and Additions

  • Added 70 grams of spinach to Super Veggie for ~10mg of Lutein daily
  • Added EPA (500mg) with vitamin E 
Added probiotic (8 billion microorganisms per capsule)

Daily protocol 

Height: 6’0”
Weight: 163 lbs
Body Fat: 6%
2,250 calories (17% protein, 48% fat, 35% carbs)

Three meals, 10-14 hr fast

  • Breakfast: Super Veggie 
    • Broccoli, 250 grams
    • Cauliflower, 150 grams
    • Spinach, 70 grams
    • Shitake or Maitake Mushrooms, 50grams
    • Black lentils, 300 grams
    • Garlic, 1 clove
    • Ginger Root, 3 grams
    • Lime Juice, 1
    • Apple Cider Vinegar, 1 Tbsp
    • Hemp Seeds, 1 Tbsp
    • Flavored with NuSalt
  • Lunch: leafy greens, vegetables, berries, seeds and nuts
  • Dinner: Nutty Pudding (sweetened w/ 7g of Trehalose)
    • 50-100 mL Almond Milk
    • 2 Tbsp ground macadamia nuts
    • 2 tsp of ground walnuts
    • 1 tsp of ground flaxseed (seed that is ground into flour)
    • 1 Tbsp non dutched cocoa
    • 1 tsp (heaping)
    • 2 T chia seeds
    • 1/2 tsp ceylon cinnamon
    • 1/2 cup blueberries
    • 1/4 cup raspberries
    • 3 cherries
    • 2 oz pomegranate juice 

  • Olive Oil, 3 Tbsp (45mL)
  • Spermidine, as chlorella powder, 15g giving 13.5mg spermidine
  • Pea Protein
  • Collagen Peptides
  • Amino complex
  • Creatine, 2.5g

60-90 min daily (Designed by my 18 yr old son, inspiration by Ben Patrick)
HIIT, 45 min weekly

- Warm Up: Sled ROKP x 5 min (BURN)
- A1: Tib Bar/Iso Tib, 4 x 25 (1/1/X/1)
- A2: Seated Calf, 4 x 25 (1/1/X/1)
- B: Straight Leg Calf Raises, 4 x 10 (1/1/X/1)
- C: Poliquin Step-Ups, 10 x 10 (Goal: 100% BW on back) (6 inch elevation + slant) (knee strength)
- D: VMO Squats, 10 x 10 (need squat rack) (breath in and brace down, to tuck pelvis, EVERY REP)
- E1: Reverse Nordic, 5 x 5 (flex glutes)
- E2: Alternate Nordics (5 x 5) and RDL (10 x 10) GO HARD

- Warm Up: Sled ROKP x 5 min
- A: Patrick Step-Ups, 10 x 10 (Goal: 100% BW on back) (8 inch elevation) (three 45 plates and one 25 plate stacked on each other) (ankle mobility + hip stability) (so controlled)
- B: ATG Split Squats, 10 x 5 (hold bottom for 5 seconds) (breath in and brace, to tuck pelvis, EVERY REP) (squeeze back glute, back leg as straight as possible) (most important part of this exercise is the hip flexor flexibility)
- C1: Rounded Back Extensions, 6 x 20 (10 and 2)
- C2: FLAT Jefferson Curls, 3 x 10 half reps, then 3 x 5 full reps. (spinal segmentation, glute squeeze to come back up) (tuck chin, round and relax shoulders, let shoulders hang, weight on ball of feet, each spine segment at a time, squeeze quads, hip flexors, even abs and pull yourself deeper, squeeze glute to come back up, each spinal segment at a time)
- D1: Hanging or Grounded L-Sits, 5 x 20 seconds
- D2: Cross Bench Pullovers, 5 x 10 at (different levels)

- Upper

- A1: Wall Tib, 4 x 25 (1/1/X/1)
- A2: KOT Calf Raises, 4 x 25 (1/1/X/1)
- B: Standing Leg Lifts, 4 x 20 (1/1/X/1) (banded adductors)
- C1: Loaded Butterflies, 5 x 20 (holds and reps)
- C2: QL Flexion, 5 x 20 (front leg in back) (pure lateral movement)
- D: IsoTib Ankle Rotations, 3 x 60 seconds
- E: Stretch!

- A1: Rounded Back Extensions, 6 x 20
- A2: FLAT Jefferson Curls, 3 x 10 half reps, then 3 x 5 full reps.
- B1: Hanging, Grounded, L-Sits or Garhammer Raises, 5 x 20 reps/seconds
- B2: Cross Bench Pullovers, 5 x 10 at different levels
- C: Stretch!
- Jump!
- Upper

My dad incorporated my protocol with exactitude and lost 25lbs in three months. He feels as spry as I ever remember him being. He remarked, “Removing me from myself has been the best thing I’ve done in decades.”

1 Highest Quality Extra-Virgin Olive Oil
  • >200 HPLC (USA) measured total polyphenols or > 600 NMR measured (Europe)
  • >72% oleic
  • < peroxide under 9 meq/kg
  • < 0.3% free fatty acids (FFA)
  • >90% diacylglycerols



  • 7 year age reduction in Horvath-Levine Phenoage Blood Panel, 36.1 to 27.9, between Jan and May 2021, estimated 10 year age reduction after adjusting creatinine down to January levels and taking into account not stopping relatively high dose creatine monohydrate supplements in the 2 weeks prior to the May blood panel.
  • Sleep improvement: night awake time down to < 40 min/ave (WASO), 45% improvement in 90 days (measured w/ Whoop). Hard to pinpoint the exact intervention protocol responsible for the success as am always changing many lifestyle variables. That said, best guess is starting 300mcg of Melatonin before bed had the largest effect.
  • 12 min distance run age marker 18 yrs old (1.63 miles in 12 min, 7:21 pace). Measured w/ Polar H10. (ref: ACSM)
  • 10 day blood glucose is perfect, always between 75-125 mg/dL (using temporary implantable FreeStyle Libre)

In need of some love
  • Forearm and hand skin autofluorescence markers (measured by Diagnoptics MuAGE reader) aged my volar forearm at age 84 (measurement error, see Sept. notes) (kid sun debauchery). Worth noting, to the naked eye, skin appears healthy and normal. Sun damage is not obvious.
  • UV melanin spots on face and back of hand (using Visia).
  • Free testosterone index (total t/SHBG) currently .29, desired .45. Goal is to find a balance between potential related symptoms and seeing if all or some CRON benefits are related to lowering FTI as assessed by other aging markers.
  • Ferritin levels low at 19 ug/dL, desired 30-60 ug/dL
  • Body fat low at 3.5% (measured daily w/ Withings), desired 5%+
  • MaxHR is currently 174bpm (unsure why), measured w/ Polar H10 (ECG). Desired 190bpm+. Initial research on available interventions to increase MaxHR is not promising.
  • Intracellular NAD measured 25.9 µM, target 34 µM. Increased NR by 250mg.

  • Interventions to increase maxHR
  • How to reduce skin autofluorescence

  • Replacing one meal a day and 20+ hour fast with three meals, 10-14 hr fast. Evaluating possible improvement of free testosterone index (Total testosterone/SHBG), increased body fat and improved muscle gain.

Daily protocol
Height: 6’0”
Weight: 161 lbs
Body Fat: 3.5%
2,250 calories (17% protein, 35% fat, 47% carbs)

Three meals, 10-14 hr fast
  • Breakfast: Super Veggie
    • Broccoli, 250grams
    • Cauliflower, 150 grams
    • Spinach, 70 grams
    • Shitake or Maitake Mushrooms, 50grams
    • Carrots, 30 grams
    • Garlic, 1 clove
    • Ginger Root, 3 grams
    • Lime Juice, 1
    • Apple Cider Vinegar, 1 Tbsp
    • Black lentils, 300 grams
    • Hemp Seeds, 1 Tbsp
  • Lunch: leafy greens, vegetables, berries, seeds and nuts
  • Dinner: Nutty Pudding (sweetened w/Trehalose 7.5g)
    • 50-100 mL Almond Milk
    • 1 Tbsp ground macadamia nuts
    • 2 tsp of ground walnuts
    • 1 tsp of ground flaxseed (seed that is ground into flour)
    • 1 Tbsp non dutched cocoa
    • 1 tsp (heaping)
    • 2 T chia seeds
    • 1/2 tsp ceylon cinnamon
    • 1/2 cup blueberries
    • 1/4 cup raspberries
    • 3 cherries
    • 2 oz pomegranate juice

  • Olive Oil2, 2 Tbsp (30mL)
  • Spermidine, as chlorella powder, 15g giving 13.5mg spermidine
  • Pea Protein
  • Collagen Peptides
  • Amino complex
  • 2 Tbsp decaf coffee grounds
  • Cocoa (non-dutched), 10g
  • Creatine, 2g
  • Red wine, 2 oz

Designed by my 18 yr old son, inspiration by Ben Patrick
60-90 min daily
HIIT, 45 min weekly

Lower A:
A: Sled ROKP, 2 min
B1: Tib Bar/Wall, 4 x 25
B2: Seated Calf/KOT, 4 x 25
C: Poliquin Step-Ups, 5 x 20
D: ATG Split Squats, 10 x 10
E: Rounded Back Extensions, 4 x 25
F: Nordic/Reverse Nordic, 5 x 15

Lower B:
A: Sled ROKP, 2 min
B1: Banded Leg Curls, 3 x 20
B2: Garhammer Raises, 3 x 20
C: VMO Squats, 10 x 10

Stretch Opener:
A1: Slant Calf Raises, 4 x 10
A2: Slant Jefferson Curls, 4 x 10
A3: L-Sits, 4 x 30 seconds
A4: Cross Bench Pullovers, 4 x 10
A5: External Rotations, 4 x 10
B1: Activation + Side Lying Leg Lifts, 4 x 20
B2: Loaded Butterflies + Standing Groin, 4 x 20

Simple Upper:
A1: Band Pull-Aparts, 5 x 20
A2: Ring Push-Ups, 5 x 10
A3: Ring Rows, 5 x 10
B: Zottman Curls, 4 x 6

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