DON’T DIE by Zero

"I finished your book DON'T DIE, and I absolutely loved it! It was one of the most unique books that I've ever read .... The book really made me excited for the future and what's to come, thinking from zeroth principles." – C. Hampsher

"I just finished your book a few minutes ago, and I am astonished at what you've put together. It's truly a masterpiece …. What you're doing for humanity will not go unnoticed.” – R. Ramchand

"First and foremost, I'd like to extend my gratitude for you to be on the mission of rethinking who we are .... You're almost like an Obi-Wan—the only hope." – A. Davidenko

"My mind is full of all the adaptations and small wins that I can make to lean into Zeroism. What a gift to spend an afternoon immersed in the flow!" – E. Hannan

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On his final day alive, Scribe convenes a reunion of his closest friends. Though they’d been separated since a harrowing climb on Mt. Kilimanjaro, Scribe hopes the gathering will inspire an actionable plan for humanity in the face of existential challenges. Through a series of conversations, debates, and negotiations, the participants develop a blueprint for the way forward.

Zero was the first individual H. sapiens to surpass five hundred years of age. He died in 2478, hit by Earth's last bus in operation, only weeks before becoming Homo Deus. During his life, Zero fathered millions of biological and digital offspring who now live in the far reaches of the solar system and beyond. Best known for inventing Zeroism and the resurrection technology undie, Zero famously raised his detractors from the dead so he could tell them that he had outlived them.

Bryan Johnson
Writing as “Zero,” author Bryan Johnson is an entrepreneur and explorer of the new frontiers of being human. Johnson took stock of his health and realized that a decade of chronic depression and poor cognitive control earlier in life had affected every measure of his well-being. He decided it was time to fight back. In DON’T DIE, Johnson catalogs the social and philosophical strategies necessary for the fight, both individually and as a species. Johnson’s controversial ideas and methods have attracted both detractors and devoted followers around the globe.

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