Step 1: Meal Prep

Three meals daily: Super Veggie and Nutty Pudding, and a third that varies and consists of vegetables, nuts, seeds, and berries. Each has been methodically crafted based on gold standard scientific evidence for optimal nutrition. They continue to be modified at the introduction of new evidence.

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Note: discontinued Green Giant 10/23

  • More of a reorganization of what goes where. 
  • Amino acids are discontinued. Protein intake is adequate. 
  • Added spermidine (that was in the chlorella powder) to pills.
  • Cocoa flavanols are in Nutty Pudding
  • I continue to take 25 g of collagen peptides and 2.5 g of creatine daily. Can add the collagen peptides to Nutty Pudding as is tasteless and adds a fun texture. 
  • We’ve dramatically simplified the Blueprint stack so you don’t have to chase around all of details. Launch ETA is January 2024. 

Super Veggie (WatcH PREP video)

  • Black lentils, 45 grams dry, ~150 grams cooked
  • Broccoli (head+stalk), 250 grams 
  • Cauliflower. 150 grams 
  • Shiitake or Maitake Mushrooms, 50 grams 
  • Garlic, 1 clove (a piece)
  • Ginger Root, 3 grams 
  • Lime, 1
  • Cumin, 1 Tbsp
  • Apple Cider Vinegar, 1 Tbsp
  • Hemp Seeds, 1 Tbsp
  • After prep, drizzle 1 Tbsp of Extra Virgin Olive Oil 

(All organic)

Super Veggie Preparation instructions 

(WatcH PREP video)

  • Weigh vegetables. Place broccoli, cauliflower, mushrooms (maitake or shiitake), ginger and garlic in boiling water*. Boil until tender (7-9 min). Steaming is also acceptable.
  • Lentils: bring the water to boil in a medium saucepan. Add lentils. Reduce heat to low and cook uncovered for 18-20 or minutes until "al dente". Place in a colander to drain and rinse under cold water
  • You can choose to blend or keep whole pieces.
  • Blend in a high-speed blender place 1 Tbsp of dried cumin, 1 Tbsp of apple cider vinegar, 1 fresh Lime, cooked black lentils, the strained cooked vegetables, and blend until it becomes thick soup. Can also serve as the picture above.
  • If needed add some of the vegetable water (or steaming water) to thin out the texture.
  • Top with hemp seeds.

Prepared correctly, taste should be an easy and smooth tasting veggie hummus. No smell/taste of garlic.

I season it with NuSalt (potassium chloride). 

*Cooked via low temperature, high humidity, high acidity, high antioxidant cooking methods to minimize formation of Advanced Glycation End-products (AGEs) and Advanced Lipid Peroxidation End-products (ALEs).

A note on Super Veggie taste. The food I eat is delicious to me; one of the most exciting moments of my day. Both my teenage boys, mother, father, and brother eat the same foods daily and they love them too. When starting, sometimes there is a period of adaptation and some want to play with the recipe and texture.

Blueprint breaks all kinds of social norms which predictably triggers human responses that draw those lines. My favorite: my 16 yr old eats Super Veggie for school lunch. His friend offering his observations 😂
Super Veggie ready to serve 

Super Veggie hummus w/ olive oil & chocolate...

Nutty Pudding (Watch Prep VIDEO)

50-100 mL Macadamia Nut Milk
3 Tbsp ground macadamia nuts (20% off)
2 tsp of ground walnuts
2 Tbsp chia seeds
1 tsp of ground flaxseed (seed that is ground into flour)
1/4 brazil nut*
6 grams of Blueprint cocoa 
1 tsp sunflower lecithin
1/2 tsp ceylon cinnamon
1/2 cup blueberries/raspberries/strawberries (your choice)
3 cherries
2 oz pomegranate juice

*May 13th 2024: Brazil Nut has been removed from Nutty Pudding as the Blueprint Stack now includes Selenium. 

Nutty Pudding Preparation instructions 

(Watch Prep VIDEO)

  • Add 50-100 mL milk nut based upon desired consistency.
  • Add walnuts, macadamia nuts, ground flax seeds (highest nutritional value to buy seeds and grind) 
  • Add cocoa, sunflower lecithin, cinnamon
  • Add 3 cherries, 1/2 cup of berries (save half for topping) & pomegranate juice 
  • Mix on high for 3 or 4 minutes
  • Pour into a dish.
  • Add the rest of the berries
  • Typically will also add 30-60 grams of pea protein

If you want to go wild, you can add a Tbsp of sweetener Trehalose and a Tbsp of Manuka honey.

Example Third Meals

Asparagus Almond Beet Salad, 500 cal
Beets 500 grams cooked
Asparagus 300 grams cooked
Almonds Slivers 21 grams
Arugula 1 cup
Shallot 1 large
Balsamic 3 Tablespoons
Dijon 3 Tablespoons
Mustard Seeds 1 Tablespoons

Asparagus Almond Beet Salad Preparation Instructions
Trim and clean beets. Boil in water till the beets can be easily pierced with a fork. Drain and while still warm, the skin will rub off easily underwater. Set aside the skinless beets in a bowl.

Blanch Asparagus - Set aside a bowl of ice water. Heat a large saucepan of water till boiling. Add Asparagus to the boiling water for 4 minutes. It may be shorter or larger boiling times depending on the size of the stalks. Once asparagus is firm but not crisp, remove it from boiling water and dump it into the ice bath. Once asparagus is cool. Drain and take a paper towel to blot any excess water away.

In another heated pan, add the mustard seeds to a dry pan for one minute. After one minute add sliced shallots and one-fourth cup of water. Cook shallots and mustard seeds down until the shallots are transparent. Add more water if needed.

In a small bowl add the balsamic and the dijon and blend well.

Once everything is assembled and cooled to room temperature. Chop the beets and asparagus into small bite-sized pieces. Add the cooled shallots mixture. Add in chopped arugula and toss lightly. Once lightly tossed pour dressing over and toss lightly again. Top the salad with slivered almond

Orange Fennel Salad, 500 calories
Cara Cara Orange 1 segmented orange
Fennel ¼ cup shredded
Goji Berries 30 grams
Pecans 30 grams
Grape Tomatoes 14
Spring Mix 3 cups
Arugula Leaf or Sprouts 1 cup
Fresh Mint ¼ cup
Fig Balsamic Vinegar 2 Tablespoon
Orange Fennel Salad Preparation Instructions
Gather ingredients. Segment the orange. Shred the fennel on a grater. Toss in greens, torn mint leaves, fennel, grape tomatoes, top with chopped pecans, and goji berries. Right before serving add fig balsamic dressing.

Stuffed Sweet Potato, 500 calories
Sweet Potato 300 grams cooked
Chickpeas 45 grams cooked
Grape Tomatoes 12
Avocado ½
Radishes 4
Cilantro ¼ cup
Jalapeno Pepper 1 large
Limes 2 whole
Lemon 1 whole
Chile Powder 1 Teaspoon
Stuffed Sweet Potato Preparation Instructions
Roast the sweet potato until you can puncture it with a fork. While the potato is roasting, place chickpeas in a bowl. Add the juice of half of a lemon and the chile powder and set aside to marinate.

On a sheet pan, roast the grape tomatoes until they have popped and have a bit of color.
Add to a small bowl the avocado mash with the juice of one lime and half of a lemon. Stir until creamy.
Thinly slice the radishes and the jalapeno pepper.

Once everything is roasted. Build your dish. Start with the potato, slice open. Remove skin if preferred. Pour the chickpea mixture over the sweet potato, next add roasted grape tomatoes and some jalapenos. Top with avocado mixture, chopped fresh cilantro, radishes, and the remainder of jalapeno peppers. Serve with sliced lime on the side.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Highest Quality EVOO Criteria (Blueprint EVOO)

Fun fact: on Blueprint, you’ll eat over 60+ lbs of veggies, berries and nuts per month

Step 2: My Blueprint Supplement Stack (Jan 2024)

Upon waking I mix and drink  

And I take these 20 pills

Post workout I’ll eat Blueprint Nutty Pudding + Blueberry Nut Mix + 12.5 g of collagen peptides and 1 Tbsp of extra virgin olive oil 
w/Dinner at 11 am (11 pills)
  • Acarbose 200 mg (Rx)

Before bed
  • 1 Tbsp of Extra Virgin Olive Oil w/ each meal for 3 Tbsp (45 mL) daily
  • High polyphenol cocoa 6 g
  • Pea/hemp protein, 29 grams daily
  • Fermented foods
  • Rapamycin (Rx). Rotate 6 and 13 mg bi-weekly.
  • 17α-E2, 8 mg wk transdermal
  • 112 mcg Levothyroxine, 60 mg Armour Thyroid - daily (diagnosed w/ hypothyroidism at age 21). 

Change log
2024.3.20 - discontinued lactoferrin to lower my Hemoglobin levels which were slightly elevated. 

Step 2: Supplements (pre-Blueprint stack availability)

Note: this protocol is based upon regular measurements. Optimal protocol for you may differ. How I organize them.

Upon waking
w/Dinner at 11 am
Before bed  
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 30 mL daily 
  • Pea Protein, 29 grams daily
  • Dark Chocolate, 15 grams
  • Rapamycin (Rx)
    wk 1: 13 mg
    wk 2: 9 mg
    wk 3: 13 mg
    wk 4: 9 mg 
  • 17α-E2, 8 mg wk transdermal
  • B12 methylcobalamin 1x/wk
  • Aspirin 81 mg 3x wk
  • 112 mcg Levothyroxine, 60 mg Armour Thyroid (diagnosed with hypothyroidism at age 21)

Step 3: Track progress

Basic blood panel
Cystatin C
Complete blood count with differential, RDW, WBC, MCV
venous glucose
lipid panel
total protein
liver panel
thyroid panel

Vitamin A serum, B1 serum, B2 serum, B3 serum, B6 serum, B7 serum, B9 serum, B12 serum, C serum, D serum, alpha tocopherol serum, PIVKA-II/a.k.a. DCP (vitamin K deficiency) serum, CoQ10 serum

Calcium serum, chloride serum, chromium serum, copper plasma, magnesium serum, manganese plasma, phosphate serum, potassium RBC, selenium plasma/serum, zinc serum/plasma

Iodine to creatinine ratio
albumin to creatinine ratio

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