Three years and millions were spent developing Blueprint, an algorithm that takes better care of me than I can myself. Now, you can build your Autonomous Self as well.

MY RESULTS FROM 3 yrs of Blueprint:

  • Top 1%: Speed of aging (epigenetic)
  • Top 1%: Muscle mass & function
  • Top 1%: Fat mass
  • Top 1%: Inflammation
  • Top 1%: VO2 max (cardiovascular)
  • Top 1%: Bone mass
  • Top 1%: Sleep
  • Top 1%: Combined clinical markers

+ Speed of aging slower than 99% of 20 year olds
+ Body inflammation is 85% below the average 18 year old (hsCRP 0.15) 
+ VO2 max: 58.7 mL/(kg·min), top 1.5% of 18 year olds
+ Total Bone Mineral Density top .2% of 30 year olds
+ Nighttime erections 179 min, better than ave 18 year old
+ Perfect liver fat (1.36%, top 10%.), iron & stiffness (MRI) 
+  top 99.5% muscle volume
+ bottom 0.5% visceral fat, muscle fat, and subcutaneous fat volume
+ Top 1% sleep performance & recovery (whoop)
+ Possibly increased thymocyte volume to 7 yrs younger, pending further testing
+ Ideal whole body muscle & fat (MRI)
+ 50+ optimal clinical outcome biomarkers
+ 100+ markers < chronological age
+ Perfect liver markers: ALT+AST+GGT = 49
+ Leg press single rep max: 800 lbs. Top 1-2% of 18 yr olds. 
+ Bench press single rep max: 240 lbs. Top 10% of 18 yr olds.
+ 12 year age reversal in 500 day average HRV
+ Reduced Alpha Klotho biological age by 21 yrs in 5 months, from 42 to 21.
+ 31 year age reversal in grey hair age (80% reduction in grey hair)
+ Identified and corrected (w/o surgery) ticking time bomb: bilateral internal jugular vein (IJV) stenosis
+ 30+ organ ages quantified
+ Free testosterone index (FTI) biological age reduced 20 years
+ Improved homocysteine (hcy) by 49% (5.9 umol/L). 

“The Most Measured Man in Human History” 


(yes, they are free)

A fictional encounter between the many ‘Bryans’ exploring a philosophical thought experiment.


A fun sci-fi novel centered around the future of brain-computer-interfaces. 


An essay to prepare us all for navigating the future; a world on unknown unknowns. 


This website is provided for educational and informational purposes only and does not constitute providing medical advice or professional services. The information provided should not be used for diagnosing or treating a health problem or disease, and those seeking personal medical advice should consult with a licensed physician.

Blueprint Philosophy: Zeroism

20th century: Live Fast and Die Young
2023: don’t die because we don’t know how long and well we can live 

Humans used storytelling to build society: where we came from; why we’re here; what exists after death; what creates meaning; what’s right and what’s wrong. Daily health related decisions have historically been influenced by story. For example, ideological lists of what one can and cannot eat. Social norms signaling what’s fashionable. Meaning-making to inform what is desirable and laudable.

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) offered up a new way to approach health.

Blueprint is STEM for health. My team and I had endeavored to do what no one had ever done: enable a body to run itself. Practically, I do this by routinely taking hundreds of measurements of my body’s biological processes, enabling my heart, liver, lungs and kidneys to speak for themselves what they need to be in their ideal state. My mind - a story telling creature - is unauthorized to grocery shop, peruse the pantry, spontaneously order pizza, eat a dessert - to basically make any food related decision. This is my Autonomous Self.

My practical and immediate objective is Goal Aligning the 35+ trillion cells that make me who I am. Aligning, as best I can, for optimal health and youth. 

wtf does any of that even mean?
This time, our time, right now - the early 21st century - will be defined by the radical evolution of intelligence: human, AI and biology. Our opportunity is to be this exciting future. 

Aspire to look and feel your very best? Opt into a system where your body + science and data do the work. It’s akin to saying yes to the internet, computers and AI to improve our lives in ways that exceed our natural abilities. 

This Automation - and the elimination of self destructive behaviors - allows us to improve at the rate at which you can automate important functions without thinking about them - in this case, your health. Improve at the speed of compounded gains, opening up a future of possibilities more expansive than our imaginations are capable of grasping, a Zeroth Principle Future.

Talent hits the target that no one else can (First Principles); Genius hits the target no one can see (Zeroth Principles).

Lucky us we exist; let’s play an infinite game together.

“Talent hits a target no one else can hit; Genius hits a target no one else can see.” - Arthur Schopenhauer

Embrace ♥️:
  • systems over willpower
  • data over human opinion
  • harmony over addiction
  • compounded rates of self improvement
Rebel 👿 against:
  • addictive algorithms
  • corporate profiteering at your detriment
  • social norms encouraging bad behavior
  • self aided destruction (SAD)

What WOULD The 25th Century respect? 

This thought experiment cleared the fog overlaying my mind. It was 2013 and I’d just sold Braintree Venmo for $800 million in cash, achieving my goal to become independently wealthy by age 30 (I was four years late). A blazing fire had ignited within me when, from ages 19 to 21, I lived among extreme poverty in Ecuador.

From that point on, contemplations on how to improve the future of intelligent life were constantly simmering in my mind.Flush with cash, what do I do? And more importantly, what do I not do? 99% of what happens today will be forgotten to history. The future is distant, barely audible. The present is overbearingly loud. Focus on what the 25th century would value.

This month is my ten year anniversary check-in (the first 10 years are always the hardest):

2013 decision: invest in deep tech companies making the physical world programmable. Humanity being able to program atoms, molecules, organisms, and genes as easily as computer software will open unimaginable frontiers of possibility. Essential to a sustainable biosphere and shattering the limitations of health and lifespan. Example investments @Ginkgo @numattech @justegg, @VergeGenomics and others. 

2016 decision: founded @KernelCo Our mental health and wellness, and the evolution of our minds, will determine whether we survive ourselves. Seven years in, we’ve built the first non-invasive neuroimaging system capable of planetary scale. What gets measured improves. Currently in clinical trials for depression and dementia.

2020 decision: Founded Blueprint to explore a defining question of our time: is death inevitable? Created, and made free for all, potentially the most powerful health protocol in history?

2023 decision: DON’T DIE, the rallying cry of the 21st century.
… die;
… kill each other;
… destroy our biosphere;
… underestimate the importance of aligning with AI.

After billions of years of evolutionary advance, we are on the cusp of what could be the most extraordinary existence in the galaxy.  May we have the courage and wisdom to believe that now is the very beginning.

Does Blueprint work? Here is my data after 18 months of adherence

BIOMARKER                                                                                         RESULT                        AGE EQUIVALENT                                OPTIMAL CLINICAL OUTCOMES  RANGE (OCOR)
BMIOPTIMAL22.8 <22.5
Fasting plasma glucoseOPTIMAL8228 (max reduction)<95
Body FatOPTIMAL6.916 (max reduction)<10%
Cholesterol (total)OPTIMAL158
DHEAOPTIMAL31025 (max reduction)< age 50
Free Testosterone Index OPTIMAL0.441< age 50
Glutathione OPTIMAL22729< age 30
Grip Strength DominantOPTIMAL13433 (max reduction)< age 30
Grip Strength Non-dominantOPTIMAL12443 (max reduction)< age 30
HbA1COPTIMAL4.528 (max reduction)4.5-5.6
HDLOPTIMAL73 50 - 60
hsCRPOPTIMAL0.2010 (max reduction)<0.55
IGF-1OPTIMAL151 75 - 150
NADOPTIMAL52.616 (max reduction)< age 30
PSAOPTIMAL0.6822 (max reduction)< age 30
RDWOPTIMAL11.318 (max reduction)< age 30
TSHOPTIMAL1.94 1 - 2.1
Triglycerides OPTIMAL55 27 - 89
Testosterone OPTIMAL76933 (max reduction)
VO2 max treadmillOPTIMAL53.618 (max reduction)< age 30
WBCOPTIMAL4.5 3.5 - 6
20th percentile telomeres PBMCOPTIMAL728 (max reduction)< age 30


My rate of aging is .64 based upon a state of the art epigenetic clock DunedinPACE. I am now accumulating aging damage slower than 99% of 20 year olds.  

Blueprint Principles

For thousands of years, the human experience has been roughly the same.  Things are about to change, and radically. Blueprint is about riding the torrid waves of technological and scientific progress into the future. 

Principle 1: Self destructive behavior is kinda insane
Principle 2: Empower your body to speak for itself 
Principle 3: The aspirations we need are beyond our imagination 
Principle 4: Look in the darkness to avoid being blinded by the light

Principle 1: self destructive behavior is kinda insane 

Isn’t it weird that we commit the same self destructive behaviors hundreds or even thousands of times in a lifetime? Even when we know they shorten our life, accelerate disease and aging, cloud our judgement and make us feel miserable. 

Maybe this behavior is a little embarrassing as the self proclaimed most intelligent species on this planet?  

What if we didn’t commit self harm? What if it wasn’t normalized and gleefully blessed and encouraged by society? 

If you’d like to stop this insanity...:identify the worst version of yourself. For me, it was 7pm Bryan who would eat everything in sight to try and momentarily escape life pain. He is a monster, overpowering, and indifferent about all other Bryans needs. A sweet talker and expert rationalizer.  7pm Bryan ruins life quality for all other Bryans:
  • awful sleep
  • overweight
  • poor health
  • accelerated aging & disease
  • turbulent emotions
  • depressing life outlook

The solution: revoking 7pm Bryan’s authority to eat food.

Now your turn:
  • Step 1: identify your 20% rascal..
  • Step 2: list what decisions they are and are not authorized to make
  • Step 3: wait for them to appear
  • Step 4: approve or deny their requests using step 2 list 
  • Step 5: celebrate happy you for stopping self harm.

Believe it or not, this is your most consequential and powerful life intervention. 

Principle #2: Empower your body to speak for itself

What and when I eat is decided by asking my heart, liver, lungs and my other 70+ organs what they need to be optimal. This is done by doing hundreds of organ measurements on a regular basis and then carefully analyzing gold standard scientific evidence.

My mind is demoted, Self is elevated.

Allowing our minds to do whatever it wants, whenever it wants, and offering any explanation it wants is a bedrock of our reality. So firmly rooted that it’s beyond most of our imaginations that it would be checked by any other system of decision making. 

Blueprint takes better care of me than I was ever able. It will for you too. 

Principle #3: The aspirations we need are beyond our imaginations 

It would have been hard to predict the books that would be written with the introduction of the printing press; or what the internet would enable. The same principle applies to what the human race can become when paired with the torrid wave of technological and scientific progress. We can take baby steps as we work on stretching our imaginations: 

  • Week 1: drink the Green Giant (GG) daily.
  • Week 2: GG + Super Veggie (SV) daily.
  • Week 3: GG + SV + Nutty Pudding (NP) daily.
  • Week 4: GG + SV + NP + supplements daily.

Principle 4: Look in the Darkness to avoid being blinded by the light 

A person is looking for their keys under a street light. Someone walks by and inquires, “Are you certain you lost your keys here?”

“No” they reply, “I lost them across the street.”

Confused, the stranger says, “Then why are you looking here?”

They responded, “The light is much brighter here!”


Common reactions to Blueprint:
  • Bryan, you are surely miserable
  • It would be hilarious if Bryan got hit by a bus, lol 
  • I’d rather die than eat veggies, berries and nuts
  • This is dystopic
  • I wish u knew my joy of pizza + donuts

Or, maybe is it?
  • I have no control over myself 
  • Change is hard for me
  • I am scared of being left behind
  • I’m addicted to self sabotage
  • Without unlimited choice to do whatever I want, existence doesn’t make sense to me

I hear you. I’ve been there. Felt and thought all these things.

We all know this: no one wants to be sick, diseased and sad. We all want exceptional health and vibrancy. 

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Medical disclaimer
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Biological age measurements and claims
Any claims regarding the measurement or reversal of biological age are preliminary and can be influenced by various biostatistical errors, including statistical variation, reference range relevancy, and clinical outcome significance. Ongoing, formal peer-reviewed studies are essential for validating these biological age tests for FDA approval (or its international equivalent) and confirming any clinically relevant changes in biological age. The data presented reflect our team's rigorous efforts to adhere to current scientific and biostatistical standards, while formal peer-reviewed validation studies are underway. Please note: These tests are experimental and intended solely for research purposes. They should not replace or supplement any clinical tests recommended by licensed medical professionals."

The protocol presented on this website is based on scientific research, ranging from mouse studies to meta-analyses of randomized controlled trials and international clinical practice guidelines. These have been carefully reviewed for their unique relevance to my personal situation. The protocol encompasses a mix of on-label, off-label, and unlicensed therapies, as well as research-use-only tests. Some of these tests and therapies are still under scientific investigation and have not yet received on-label licensing for specific health conditions. All tests and therapies, regardless of their licensing status, carry risks. These risks have been assessed for my personal use by a specialized team of clinicians and scientists. This protocol represents an experimental clinical research project. Results will be periodically published in peer-reviewed journals, adhering to international quality standards relevant to various types of clinical studies, including case reports, randomised controlled trials, and systematic reviews. Case reports, case series, and systematic reviews are important components of evidence-based medicine, helping inform the design of gold-standard randomised controlled trials and guiding clinical practice.

The use of Prescription only Medicines (PoMs) such as HGH, acarbose, rapamycin, metformin, thyroxine, testosterone, statins, phenylbutyric acid, tadalafil and others discussed in this protocol should not be considered an endorsement or promotion of these products. PoMs should only be prescribed by a licensed doctor who has assessed that the benefits and risks are acceptable for the individual and acquired through licensed pharmacies in a jurisdictionally legal manner. The prescribing doctor should be made aware of all other PoMs being taken and other relevant interventions such as foods, supplements and medical history to enable accurate assessment for safe prescribing and monitoring of combination interventions.

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